Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So Artful Challenge - Mirrors

Ahem. For anyone who is interested, this picture is autobiographical. If a picture can be autobiographical.
Background by Madame Mim and mirror by Kubivet. The rest by me.


  1. Ohhhhhh !!! Loving this one. Brilliant !! Absolutely brilliant and so much fun
    Hugs June x

  2. This is a brilliant interpretation of the challenge and cute. love it Marie :)
    Thanks for joining in with this one

  3. I see the same things when I look in the mirror LOL
    I just woke up and you already have given me the laugh of the day!

  4. Wow--what a wonderful interpretation of the challenge. I see the same thing in my mirror..I love this! Gave me a big smile too. :-)

  5. Hey...send those rose colored glasses my way. I need a pair!