Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Darker Side of Ozstuff

No, Virginia, I am not all froth and bubbles. I have a dark side too. This is a picture I created for the Frameworthy challenge at Scrapbookgraphics. Somehow it ended up close and personal and very dark! The inspiration was a cheerful painting of a subject looking out from inside (a car). One thing about the weekly Frameworthy is we never know where it will take us.
Archway from an altered paperbackground by Madame Mim. Window frame by JenU. Journal strip by Flergs at SBG. Scenery and two women from Stock.xchng.


  1. Dark & beautiful - thanks for sharing! :)

  2. My stars, Marie, this leaves me gasping! It's BRILLIANT, absotively brilliant. Gotta be one of your very best!

  3. Hi There. You made an art work for the berry photo on SoArtful ? I guess you took it down as you thought it was the wrong one ?
    Anyway i came to see and you did it right :) there are three challenges a week at Soartful and they are all different. The challenge 1 is the berries and the challenge 2 is the grown background. The gold background is just what i made with the berries idea. I will take it down as it might confuse others too. I would still love to see what you have ? Thanks for taking time to do the challenge
    ps/this is beautiful

  4. Get it out in your art girl, a bit dark yes, a bit sad yes, but full of exuberance too. This is WONDERFUL.

  5. Marie, this one has my heart hurting for you. You have done a beautiful piece of art and it is obviously tied to your soul. I felt that way before I read what you wrote about it. Hoping your dream comes true. Hug, from me.

  6. Marie, I think this is a piece so many of us can relate to! When you are creating the picture it really is worth a thousand words! Thank you for sharing!