Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mixed Media Monday - Stitches

My stitches are digital (enlarge to see detail). Patchwork pieces are by Ztampf (Lie Phung), digital stamp of woman by 500ml.


  1. This is absolutey fantastic.
    Brilliant design and digital work. Love thwm.

  2. Wow, Marie! You could've fooled me because I thought that the zig-zag stitches were the real thing!!! It's almost like having a magic wand - magic stitches without lugging out a sewing machine! Love this patchwork piece. Hugs, Terri

  3. Wow here I have not enough words, your postcard is so fantastic, love everything about it.

  4. I left a message on this earlier, and I see it's not here, so I suppose I did my stupid trick of exiting before checking the box again! ANYWAY, I said that I feel I've worn out the words "beautifully done" on you! They always come to mind when I see your work. And, I also said I was mad because you found your zig-zag stitching, and I trolled my "stuff" for an hour and never did find mine. I know it's on there somewhere. Now, I'm going to be VERY cautious and see if I can get this commented posted......

  5. Ah, another amazing piece, Marie! Love it! Diane

  6. How clever you are! Did you make a digital brush of the stitches?

  7. I love the design, and your digital work is wonderful.

  8. You are a spoiler, Marie...I may never get back now to my studio area, my computerized sewing machine and serger and all the other goodies...heck, I just need my computer and digital art...almost finished my classes, btw..3/4 of the way through now. This is absolutely stunning...heck these pieces done digitally sure take up less room in the house too! rofl. Hugs, Gayle.

  9. Wow, what a wonderfully created piece!! Love your composition which is fab!! This is gorgeous!! Well done!!


  10. OMG, you are the queen of magic and makebelief. This piece looks so real, even when looking close up, I can almost touch and smell the fabric, - how do you do it...?
    I love the sentiment too!

  11. No way is that digital! Wow! I love the sentiment and all the patchwork looks so great... I'd never have the patience for this Marie - Kudo! <3

  12. Wow - digital stiches! I haven't tried that yet - beautiful collage Marie and what a great touch!

  13. wow! this looks so realistic! beautiful digital work!

  14. Marie this is a jaw dropper extraordinaire, but saying that doesn't do it the justice it deserves. It is exquisite.

  15. This is fabulous - I love everything about it Marie!

  16. oh wow Marie!!! this is beautiful!!! I love the details!!!


  17. Something for you on my blog... ;o)

  18. an other amazing piece from you.
    such nice collors and it gives a great effect

  19. I just love the different layers! Really beautiful piece of art!

  20. It's gorgeous! So many beautiful things you made again!

  21. How cool is THAT! Digital stitches.
    I still haven't gotten into digital art yet. One day . . . one day :)

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