Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Three Muses Challenge - What makes ME tick?

I think we could all apply this great quote by James Thurber to our own lives.  What makes me tick?  Now that would be telling!!
I hasten to say the lady in the picture isn't me at any time of my life (I wish).  She is an amalgam of a face from a Suzee Que Flickr free to use image (coloured and altered) and a body from a Kubivet freebie.


  1. We all have so many things that make us 'tick' Marie. It would be almost impossible to list them all.
    I like your collage very much.xx

  2. Oh wow, Marie, I have never heard that quote before but now I have I give Mr Thurber much respect! Your image setting together with James Thurber's quote make this thoughtful and deep and I love it.

    Happy New Year, my friend.

  3. Love your thoughtful lady!
    I hope you continue to keep good time, swing your pendulum and tick in good health throughout 2012, Marie!

  4. Hello!! :-) I come here from Mina's blog. Your blog is terrific!! I love your digital works and collages! I love to make digital collages too. But mine aren't so good as yours are :-D.

    Sorry, my English isn't very good :-( and it's very difficult for me to understand this sentence by James Thurber. But the images is fantastic.

    Nice to meet you!! :-) Hugs from Spain!

  5. A wonderful collage, Marie. I would like to sit down with Mr. Thurber and discuss his quote. There is something superior in his use of the phrase "American mind" that sort of gets under my skin. Your ability to colour and alter images staggers me. You are so good at it!

  6. I know it has been a LONG time... Let's see if I can do this once a month in the New Year. I love that your lovely lady is at the beach-and the quote is perfect!Hope you are well and happy New Year- xo teri Here is my contribution--

  7. Dear Marie,
    Excellent Thurber quote! And I love your collage! Very fun!

    Wishing you a wonderful day!