Sunday, December 17, 2017

Take a Word Challenge - Absent Friends

A photo of my mother and her sister.  I have coloured and enhanced the very old picture and added some extra elements.


  1. Oh those eyes! Oh those smiles!
    Oh this colorizing, textures and layout!
    You've done a super great tribute to your two loved ones!
    Fan-tas-tic dear Marie!
    (Which one of these beauties is your mother? I have a tendancy to guess that she is the left one...
    Am I wrong? :)

    PS: I'm going on holidays until the begining of february, so I make the most of the opportunity to wish you and yours the best for the festive season from my deep heart my dear friend.

  2. I love this family photo. They are such beautiful women -- and you look so much like them!

  3. Beautiful color work they almost look like twins that is a sweet photo.

  4. such a lovely piece and tribute to your beautiful mother. xo