Monday, September 12, 2016

Digital Whisper Challenge - Twin Towers

Patti has asked us to remember the anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers.  Although I live on the other side of the world I vividly remember the night (my time) when the news of the attack reached our TV's and radios.  It seemed unreal and it took some time for it sank in.


  1. I am not an American but I applaud you for your Anniversary Rememberance beautiful piece.
    I know some Canadians were killed as well.

    To be honest I could not to begin to make such posters as you and the bloggers have done so magnificent. I can keep it in my mind and am very sorry of such a loss for all the people that day.

    I watched the ceremony yesterday and the young man who was only ten when his dad died and now is a young man standing up on the so called pulpit reflecting about his dad. Brought tears to my eyes. Then later to see. Hillary stumble to her limo after standing in that heat with a heavy suit she was wearing. I could not imagine her wearing a hot suit on such a hot, hot day. Very sad she fell.

  2. I think this was a tough challenge but you have certainly nailed it this is exquisite and so touching...gorgeous work my friend.

  3. How poignantly beautiful, Marie. Perfection in every way.

  4. Strong and tender at same time. Beautiful!

  5. A very powerful piece Marie. I am so amazed at the art that came with this challenge. Thank you for participating and sharing this beautiful piece.

  6. Very POWERFUL indeed.