Monday, February 22, 2016

Digital Whisper Challenge - Vogue

This week's theme "Vogue" made me think of Fifties Fashion and, of course, Grace Kelly, and of course the song from High Society - "Well, did you evah?" - Photo found on Google, background by Itkupilli.

Have you heard that Mimsie Starr
She got pinched in the Astor Bar
(Sloshed again, eh?) She was stoned
Well, did you evah?
What a swell party this is.


  1. super, super, dear Marie - strotzt vor Leben! P.

  2. Marie this deserves applause!
    What a fantastic fun piece.
    Thanks for playing xo

  3. What a perfect illustration of the lyric! This is so reminiscent of that era. Beautiful work.

  4. Oh how lovely is this . A gals day out beautiful as can be. Yet they at any age chit, chat never fails. Gals will be gals. I really think it would be not
    too series of a chit chat. Do we think?

  5. Superb so beautiful so perfectly executed...take a bow my dear.

  6. FANTASTIC. Remember the days when we got dressed up to go shopping with our newest outfit? Now people wear just about anything, shorts, jeans, and outfits not suited for the public.