Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Digital Whisper Challenge - The Bowels of Hell

Australians don't celebrate Halloween as in other countries.  Therefore, I am celebrating the hellish season in my own peculiar style.  DIGITAL WHISPER is a new blog challenge which you can find HERE  -  Some of you will recognise it from its NING days and now Patti and Kaylene are bringing it to the blog. 
This picture is a mishmash of Photoshop brushes, googled broom, an angry face (altered) which I have had in storage for many years.  I used an e-vint.com lady - or the body thereof - for the body shape which I have digitally overpainted using the ArtRage program.


  1. Love this and thanks for the plug Marie.

  2. Oh yes that is so right, what a fantastic piece Marie, love your digital art.

  3. Haha! Brilliant interpretation of the theme.
    I like her doing-the-housework clothes.

  4. Hellish! The sweeping, not the picture, Marie, which is hot, hot, hot. Thanks for the heads up on the all new Digital Whisper.

  5. Love your lighter interpretation of the theme Marie! Well done.

  6. wow, Marie. What a fantastic blog header.

    Housework is definitely hell and cooking goes right along with it as far as I'm concerned. Great vibrant colors in your challenge piece of art.