Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Postcard Art - Unlucky 13

Gertie knew when she entered the Witches' Broomstick Race wearing the Unlucky Thirteen label that things would go wrong - and they did!  From that day she was known as "the witch who fell to earth".  (They don't make broomsticks like they used to).
Original postcard by me.


  1. Hilarious and darling Marie love your artwork.

  2. lol love this Marie. your sense of humour is so clever

  3. You are a wickedly MAD woman, Marie, and this is hysterical!

    It reminded me of a recent news item where a cheap flights airline had to do the very same Mayday call because they had run out of fuel before they ran out of flight! Perhaps that was Gertie too.

  4. Alas, poor Gertie, I knew her well. She always wanted to be like might say she was green with envy! What a fun piece, Marie. I love it!

  5. Marie it is great and humours piece of art..

    She is a beautiful ugly lady .

    Still laughing.