Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Moo or Two Challenge 10/17 Arrows

Can't go past the story of William Tell who shot an apple off the head of his precious son.
This was inspired by a modernist painting I saw on Google Images but it is entirely my take on it, painted digitally using ArtRage painting software.


  1. What a unique treatment of the subject arrows! You are so talented with your Art Rage. I unloaded the test one long ago, and haven't been inspired to re-try it.

  2. Woohoo this is a brilliant take on the challenge. I love your painting.

  3. Oh!!! :O)))) Great!!!

    Love the treatment and I would like to know more about the software (Art Rage). I don't kow it!!! :O)

    Love you say the Bev has her mind made of worms!!! :O)))))) If you really want to know, I think I have a tornado in mine!!! :O))))))

    Thanks for your comments here in my blog! I was so sad because no one leave some words for me... :O( Now I'm happy!!! :O)))))


  4. Wonderul moo. Great colours and perfect idea

  5. Great Moo - luv your take on the theme & it's humour :o)

  6. Wow is right! Very cool!